The Callander Cycle Challenge Charities Terms and conditions


  • Charities supporting or participating in the event will promote the event to their supporters.
  • All participants will be required to register via the Rotary registration process.
  • All supporting charities will carry the registration  links on their web site allowing the participants to register.
  • The supporting charities will liaise and co-operate with Rotary in agreeing any final registration lists and share any participant data as required.
  • All participants must accept the Rotary terms and conditions.
  • Charities will be responsible for collecting sponsorship from participants.
  • Charities with large numbers of supporters participating will be prepared to provide additional support at the registration desk on the day as required by the organisers.

Fund raising

  • All participants must raise the minimum of £100 for their chosen charity and pay the funds to the charity within 30 days of participating.
  • Charities are responsible for obtaining sponsorship funds from participants.


  • The event may not be cancelled due to inclement weather but the organisers may amend the event as considered necessary to suit the conditions.
  • Participants should dress accordingly for the weather on the day. This is particularly the case for children if it is wet or cold on the day.

Fund raising

  • Rotary require a registration fee which must be paid before the day. Charity sponsorship must be paid to your selected charity within 30 days of participation. We think it reasonable that participants undertake to raise a minimum of £100.

Data Protection

By registering and taking part participants and charities give Rotary permission to retain registration details and to share these records with the selected charity. Rotary will retain any records and may contact you in the future to advise about future events. Any photographs or video taken on the day may be used in the promotion of future events.

Event cancellation

Should any unforeseen events result in the cancellation of the event registration fees are non refundable. Participants may need to consider refunding sponsorship or passing to their chosen charity.